Vendful is turning over a new leaf.

Over the last year, we’ve spoken with hundreds of people to better understand how we can help companies create awesome places to work. Taking that feedback to heart, we built Grove, Vendful’s next-generation employee experience platform.

Grove is a platform that enables companies to build, manage, and measure employee experience programs at scale. Through the platform, HR can allocate team budgets, set guidelines, and empower admins in the organization to set up initiatives like team events, wellness programs, volunteerism, and on-site services. 

Everything in one place

Grove’s centralized platform provides standardization, automation, and transparency that saves your organization time and energy.

Foster strong coworker bonds

Grove improves the reach and adoption of experiences by making them more visible, accessible, and tailored to employee feedback.

Unlock valuable insights

By analyzing participation, feedback, and more, Grove detects areas of improvement and equips you with the tools to take action.

Drop us a line to learn how Grove can help your organization power it’s employee experience programs.